Chicken Neck Skin on

“Chicken neck skin on” refers to chicken necks that still have the skin attached. Chicken necks are the part of the chicken that connects the head to the body and typically include the neck bones, meat, and skin.

The skin-on aspect means that the chicken necks haven’t been completely skinned, leaving the outer layer of skin intact. Chicken skin is flavorful and can add richness and moisture to the meat during cooking. It also contains natural fats that enhance the taste of the dish.

Chicken necks with skin on are often used in culinary applications to make stocks, broths, and soups, especially in Asian cuisines where they are valued for their deep flavor and collagen content. They are also used as a treat for pets or in raw feeding diets for dogs and cats.

In some cultures, chicken necks are considered a delicacy and can be roasted, grilled, or stewed with various seasonings and sauces. When cooked properly, they can be tender and delicious, offering a unique eating experience.

As with any chicken product, it’s essential to handle and cook chicken necks safely to avoid foodborne illnesses. Make sure to follow proper food handling guidelines and cook the chicken necks to an internal temperature of 165°F (74°C) for safe consumption.

If you enjoy exploring different cuts of chicken and want to try something unique, chicken necks with skin on might be an interesting option to experiment with in your cooking.

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